Wednesday, 6:30 p.m.  |  Group: All  |  Leader: Andrew Wolthers |  Community Room

Goal for the class would be to:
Broadly introduce some core apologetic themes and topics
Inform and educate the church body on popular defenses of the Christian faith on topics such as the Bible, the historical life of Jesus, the resurrection, creation-evolution, morality, as well as reviewing popular objections to faith.
Better equip our young generation to enter higher education and face a culture which often mocks and ridicules people of faith.
Better equip families for “kitchen table” discussions with their children and other family members.

Members of the class should gain some knowledge and insight into engaging with our current culture which is generally skeptical of the Christian worldview. By learning more about the truth of who Jesus Christ was, and that there is strong evidence to believe in God and the resurrection of Jesus, our hope is that members will not only be strengthened in their own faith, but become more comfortable engaging with skeptics in their every day walk.


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