As you consider who will serve as shepherds, we ask that you prayerfully select those that exhibit QUALITIES highlighted in the Word AND who have HEARTS LIKE HIS. These servant leaders will also exhibit a deep love for God’s Family at CCH. 


I Timothy 3, Titus 1, I Peter 5

  • Lover of the church: shepherd, care for and watch over the flock; eager to serve; leads by example
  • Character: above reproach and respected
  • Faith: not a new Christian. A wise student of the Word who pursues growth through study; loves to share it and able to teach; helps equip others with sound doctrine. Able to refute those who oppose Truth.
  • Family: faithful to his wife and a strong, wise father. Able to encourage others
  • experiencing family struggles
  • Relational: hospitable and gentle; not divisive, quick-tempered or judgmental; instead a lover of people
  • Balanced: self-controlled and godly, honest, not addicted or a lover of money



CHRIST, Sacrificial servant leader

  • Lays down his life to honor God and love the Family. –John 15
  • Serves alongside the members of the church Family.
  • Character of humility rather than desire for power. Phil 2:1-5
  • Empowers and encourages others in their areas of leadership.

GOD, THE FATHER, Intentional Affirmer and Nurturer

  • Passionate to protect and nurturer. Psalm 68:5
  • Longs to bless the flock. Psalm 23
  • Firm in leading the way toward Radical Change and Transforming Truth. Romans 2, 12
  • Affirms and equips the members of the Family.

PAUL (leader of early church), Proactive presence

  • Longs for all glory to be God’s  -Romans 11:33-36
  • Visible and present – knows the members of the church Family and is knownby them. Present in the life of the Family (during life crises and celebrations, when the church gathers, classes, events)
  • Leads the church in “connectivity.”  Inclusive vs. exclusive -Galatians 2:11-14
  • Actively listens to the voice of God. Prays over the larger Family, individuals, ministries. Trusts God to have the answers.
  • Loves the church and the lost! -I Thessalonians 2:7-8; Romans 1:1-17