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Our next opportunity to learn more about membership at CCH will be April 18th.  Please contact Lindsay Wolthers for more information or register online today.

Following Jesus. What does that mean? And where is He leading us? John was a guy who was suddenly introduced to Jesus as ‘the Lamb of God’. Then one day Jesus rocked John’s ‘fisherman’s world’ with a miraculous catch of fish and an audacious invitation. So begins John’s journey as a follower of this Rabbi. 

At God’s own direction, John penned one of the four Gospel accounts of Christ’s life. We have it preserved as the fourth book in our New Testament Scriptures. While we’re reading John’s writings during the month of April, we’re listening in on what Jesus taught. We’re gaining a fresh vision for the Kingdom He’s inviting us into and we’re learning what it looks like to walk in “The Way, the Truth and the Life” of Jesus.” Join us Sunday for “Jesus, The Way” – ‘The Map’ (John 14:6).

Life is better when it is lived in community. Life groups can help you to develop meaningful relationships, as you grow deeper in the Word and with God. 

Ladies, we are excited to share Women’s Ministry will host another Secret Sister event. It will take place May through November, with a fun reveal event in November!

Each month you will encourage your secret sister in a unique way, this can be a card in the mail, a surprise gift to their house, or any creative way you can encourage and bless your sister for the next 6 months.
Sign up is on Realm April 11- April 25.
Please contact Jessica Varnado for questions by emailing:

*By signing up for this event you commit to May through November to encourage your sister monthly. This can be a note in the mail, an item mailed to their house or just some form of encouragement. The goal is to not spend a lot of money each month. In November at our reveal event, please plan to gift your sister with a $10-$15 gift.

Join the Women’s Ministry for a monthly Women’s Walk-N-Talk at a park near you! We will meet at 9:00 am under the balloons to mark our spot. The event is BYOC (coffee and children). Come join us for a leisurely walk, while sipping your hot beverage of choice, and maybe even pushing a stroller! This will be a great time to get out in nature and connect with each other. See you then!

Ladies, the women’s ministry team is excited to kick off a new ladies series “Pursuing Christ Together” on April 24 at the home of Heater Patton. We will have a time of worship and small group sessions together. There will be light snacks and water, feel free to bring your own coffee. This event is free for ladies ages 16 and up, if you are in need child care contact Jessica Varnado by April 21. Please register for this free event by April 22. We are excited to come together as ladies to know Him more!

Click here to register. 


Learn about all of this summer’s Middle School and High School camps and ways that you can help donate to send students. 

As much as we’d probably prefer not to, all of us are going to have to deal with temptation. Maybe it’s the temptation to buy all of the coolest clothes, maybe it’s the temptation to fit in and make yourself look cool, or maybe it’s the temptation to satisfy every desire that you have. Although temptation isn’t fun to deal with, the great news for us is that Jesus was tempted himself, and we can look at the temptations of Jesus to see how we can better battle the temptations we face in our own lives. Join us for this April series from Jake and worship on the CCH YTH Floor, starting at 6:30 PM.

Come and enjoy some yummy breakfast snacks and hang out on the CCH YTH floor on Sunday mornings! We will eat breakfast and hang from 9:00 -9:30 AM and then head together to the service in the main sanctuary.


Zoom Hangs are back for our elementary kids. As we continue to navigate the unprecedented times, CONNECTION is so important for the lives of our kids. During this time we will connect, worship, play games, and recap the lesson from the past Sunday’s Bible Story.  We can’t wait to see your kids for Zoom Hangs! (Zoom information will be emailed on Wednesday mornings.)

CCH Kids is honored to partner with you from the very beginning of your journey as parents. We want to be a consistent source of encouragement, strength, and resources as you raise your child to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
If you would like to dedicate your baby on Sunday, May 9 (Mother’s Day), by registering (online) will ensure your commitment.
All participants will be sent materials to help you prepare for this special day.
For questions please email Pastor Trent.


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