You are my friends if you do what I command…Love One Another – Jesus (John 15:14,17)

FRIENDS Ministry offers varied opportunities to serve and connect at Community. From long-term commitments to one-time projects, from direct interaction with recipients to behind-the-scenes support, you can find a place to fit in. Being a part FRIENDS is a time-honored way to use your gifts and sow the love of Jesus into one another’s lives.

FRIENDS is a network of unique teams with the common mission to love like Jesus. Each team meets specific, distinct needs within the congregation and the community. Connection with one another while serving creates lasting Christ-centered relationships.

Teams Serving The Congregation

     First and always lifting those we serve in prayer

College Cares – For students away from home: Encourage with notes, cards & packages
Comfort – For those who are grieving: Encourage, support, annual Celebration of Life service
First Aid – For those who are shut-in or ill: Visit, call/text, send cards
FRIENDS Youth – For congregation & community: Partner with our youth in serving projects
Intercession – For congregation, their families and friends: Divide weekly prayer list (via email), pray as requested, send cards of encouragement
New Manna – For those recovering from illness or surgery: Encourage, support, coordinate meals
Noah Guys – For those who are sick or elderly, & for single parents of our church family: Help with maintenance & repair projects
Renewal – For those we’ve been missing: Check in, send cards of encouragement
Special Projects – For those in need: Organize & facilitate varied short term serving projects

Food bin delivery guys

Teams Serving The Neighborhood Community

      First and always lifting those we serve in prayer

Friends to Neighbors – For our local community: Plan & organize church-wide serving events such as:

  • Partner with and assist our local high-need schools
    • Provide food over fall and spring breaks
    • Provide schools supplies to students in need
    • Help in a classroom
    • Support & encourage teachers
  • Provide meals to a local shelter for homeless women and their children
  • Free Farmers Market – For those in need: Harvest fresh vegetables and distribute from a convenient, central location
  • Prayer Walk – For local businesses: Gather prayer requests and go out in teams to pray those requests at the physical location of each business
  • Project Clean-Up – For those in the congregation and in the community, widows/widowers, single parents, those who are ill, those in crisis, and others for whom a completed project would lighten their load: with a team, complete one 4-hour project for the recipient

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