Pastoral and Administrative Staff

These men and women serve the daily oversight of the life, ministry & operations of CCH and are an integral part of the success of our ministries.


Doug VarnadoSenior Pastor
Sue McMahonSr. Pastor Administrative Assistant
Terry OwensAdministrative Pastor
Spencer HigginsWorshiping Arts Director
Eric WoodCreative Director
Linda VarnadoFRIENDS Ministry Pastor
Suzanne JettFriends Ministry Assistant
Jake LamptonYouth Pastor
Abby LamptonYouth Girls Director + Creative Director
Becca GaunchYouth Logistics Coordinator
Trent RoganKid's Pastor
Ginny CardiFamily Ministry 252 Director
Joanna BodekerFamily Ministry Assistant
Lisa Newton Community Kids Club Director + Administrative Support
Christy GoadAccounting
Kristi CondonGraphics Administrator + HR
Lauren CarnahanWebsite + Social Media Coordinator
Gretchen CassettyAdministrative Support
Julie WrightAdministrative Support


Executive Board

This team of high-capacity leaders, are led by the Senior Pastor to advise, serve and implement the vision set by him and the Shepherds. They function as one team with three sub-committees:

1. Facility and Finance,

2. Human Resources and Staff Development

3. Leadership Support.

Evelyn Bonds
Katie Brown
Bobbie Joe Caine
Jack Driver
Clancy Hall
Brenda Payne
Corinne Perry
Brian Schnabel
Bob Shaw
Phil Wheeler


Ministry Directors

Ministry Directors are chosen from the membership to lead the various ministries and develop teams that strategize and plan to serve the vision of CCH.

Adult Education Jessica Jones
FRIENDS Linda Varnado
FellowshipDavid and Becky Kimbrough
Guest ImpactMaury Buchanan
Life Groups Ron Blanton
Men’s Ministry Brian Neighbours
Security Ken Borghi (Interim)
Women’s Ministry Sue McMahon
World Missions Ann Crittenden
Worshiping Arts Spencer Higgins



Spiritual Leadership is the responsibility of this team. They are chosen from the membership to serve every three years. They are set apart by the church and by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of listening to God, following the vision of CCH and to lead, guide, and pray for the CCH families.

Ron Blanton
Kirk Brown
Joe Earnest
Darren Frank
Danny Jelley
Gary Kitchen
Brian Neighbours
David Patton
George Pendergrass
Mike Taylor
Jason Tomlinson
Doug Varnado


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