This year, our focus reading plans as a church will come dominantly from the YouVersion Bible App. It links us as CCH family with one another as we read TOGETHER, and it links us with believers and seekers throughout the world as well! We encourage every person to tap into the life changing experience offered through our 2021 focus reading plans as we dive deeper into the Word together.

May 14-May 17 

In a world where so much division and tension exists, we’d all be better off if we learned to love others—even if it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable. In this 4-day plan, we’ll discuss who our neighbors are and how to love them.

May 18-May 22

When a crisis happens in our world, it’s easy to question our faith, and it’s hard to replace the panic we face with the peace we’re promised as Jesus-followers. In this 5-day Bible Plan accompanying Pastor Craig Groeschel’s series, Not Afraid, we’ll discover three things we can do as Christians in the face of a crisis.

May 23-May 27

What is God’s will? We’ve all wondered that at some point in our lives. Sometimes while we wait to know what it is, we find ourselves paralyzed. The Bible is our guide to understanding more about this topic. We’ll discuss different aspects of God’s will over this five-day Plan.

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