In the months before COVID-19 entered our lives, the YouVersion Bible App had already been installed on more than 400 million unique devices and downloaded in EVERY country on Earth. Since that time, it has it has grown exponentially and has been a tool in sharing the story of God and the gospel of Jesus to countless tribes, languages, and people groups everywhere.


This year, our focus reading plans as a church will come dominantly from that source. YouVersion is simple to use, without cost, allows you to read or listen to the text in virtually any setting imaginable, it links us as CCH family with one another as we read TOGETHER, and it links us with believers and seekers throughout the world as well! We encourage every person to tap into the life changing experience offered through our 2021 focus reading plans as we dive deeper into the Word together.

March 21-April 3

When Jesus Christ founded His church, He had a clear vision of what it would be—and He’s calling each of us to participate in that vision, both in our local communities and around the world. Join Dr. Charles Stanley and In Touch Ministries as they help you discover what it means to be part of His church, finding your unique place in the story of God’s people.

April 4- April 28

This plan takes you through the books of the writings of John over the course of 25 Days. Each book includes videos specifically designed to enhance your understanding and engagement with God’s Word.

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