This year, our focus reading plans as a church will come dominantly from the YouVersion Bible App. It links us as CCH family with one another as we read TOGETHER, and it links us with believers and seekers throughout the world as well! We encourage every person to tap into the life changing experience offered through our 2021 focus reading plans as we dive deeper into the Word together.

October 24 – November 4

This Bible Plan is for anyone who’s hurting and doesn’t understand why. If you’ve lost something, someone, or your faith feels stretched to the breaking point, then this Bible Plan from Life.Church Pastor Craig Groeschel’s book, Hope in the Dark, might be exactly what you need. If you want to believe, but you’re not sure how, this is for you.

November 5 – November 8

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) crisis is unprecedented in our lifetime. With fear and panic being spread everywhere we look, it can be difficult to have hope. In this 4-day plan, Pastor Rick Warren shares things you can remember, rely on, and do, to experience God’s hope and fight back against fear.

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