This year, our focus reading plans as a church will come dominantly from the YouVersion Bible App. It links us as CCH family with one another as we read TOGETHER, and it links us with believers and seekers throughout the world as well! We encourage every person to tap into the life changing experience offered through our 2021 focus reading plans as we dive deeper into the Word together.

August 1 – August 5

Many of us approach witnessing to unbelievers with trepidation. How exactly do we lead someone to Christ without stumbling over our words, getting rejected, or being persecuted? These thoughts run through our mind, don’t they? Take this 5-day journey to find out how to be an authentic witness in today’s skeptical world.

August 8 – August 13

When the disciples heard Jesus say, “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19), they responded, “Yes, Lord,” and did it. Today, when we hear this same command, we respond, “Who, me? I’m not eloquent. No one’s ever shown me how to do this.” But the qualities of a disciplemaker are available to all of us. Over the next six days, let’s look at how God has equipped you to “make disciples”!

August 15 – August 19

Reaching out to your neighbors can be a counterintuitive thing to do. Most people who consider themselves Christians do not even think about stepping outside their ordinary responsibilities to follow the quiet nudges of the Holy Spirit. Jesus said, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” and He wants to show you the way—one small step at a time.

August 22 – August 27

What is the meaning of life? What do we do in the face of a pandemic? Where can we take all of our anger and anxiety? People have questions and need hope. We have that Answer and that Hope; His name is Jesus! But how can we best share Him with those who so desperately need His presence? By making evangelism personal.

August 29 – September 4

Would you say you’re good at sharing your faith with your friends? It can be a scary thing to do. If you want to gain courage in sharing your faith and learn how to do it without coming across as weird, then this Bible Plan’s for you.

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