HOPE: Making It Real

  1.  Display this scripture and pray with your family or friends for the month of December.  Speak this so often that it’s written on your mind.  Talk together about what the overflow of hope means.
  2. Pray! Set your phone to pray a certain time each day for our church family. Invite someone to be your prayer partner and pray for Community.
  3. Commit/connect to at least one small group (class, life group, men’s or women’s group, ministry team).
  4. Plan to come to the Christmas program on December 16 AND plan to bring someone with you.
  5. Share CCH and our hope on social media, a tool we can use for God’s glory.  Check in when you’re here on Sunday.  Post Romans 15:13 #overflowwithhope on your page. Like a post from our CCH FB page, our youth page, our kids page, FRIENDS page, etc.
  6. Give online so that your gift is consistent to support the ministry of our church family.
  7. Come enjoy the delicious Wednesday night dinner and sit with someone new.
  8. Come to both services for the next few weeks when you can! This is a radical idea but more presence will bless our Family in this season.  Sit with someone different.  Speak to someone you don’t know.
  9. Volunteer once a month in our children’s area or invite a friend to a youth event.
  10. Spread the word about our Family with one other family.  Tell them about Celebration of Life or Grief Share.  Tell them about mission trips or camps for our youth.  Tell them about your small group.  Tell them how we serve our neighbors and each other.
  11. Be present for someone who is struggling to find hope.
  12. Be an ambassador for Jesus. Set an intentional goal of bringing someone to Jesus next year.







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