CCH 2017 Theme:  Transforming Truth

We are so excited to be on a journey of spiritual transformation this year through digging deep into the New Testament.  The Transforming Truth!

There are many ways to participate:

  • Join us in reading through the New Testament! Our reading begins on March 6, but you can join in any time. Only 1 chapter a day and you can follow along in 3 ways!
    • Bookmark – pick up a bookmark with dates and readings so you can follow along in your own Bible
    • YouVersion Bible app – download the app and follow along on the Solid Life Reading Plan: New Testament
      • You can listen as well as read by pressing the speaker icon
      • IF you’d like assistance, please feel free to ask anyone at the Transforming Truth booth
    • Text Alert – you can also sign up for a text reminder which you will receive each Sunday at 4:00 p.m.. Simply text the word  TRUTH2017 to  41411.
  • Hear sermons each Sunday that reflect the readings from the previous week. There is also a weekly discussion of the readings in the Word Alive class, Sundays at 9:45 a.m.
  • We also plan to do some intentional journaling about our journey in the Word this year. When we hear it,  see it,  say it, WRITE it, thoughts stick and transformation takes hold. Transforming Truth journals are available at the booth for just $5.  Bring this with you on Sundays for a weekly passage or a question to help guide each of us in our personal journey of transformation (see below for more information on journaling).

Additional ways to join us on our journey towards transformation.



As you read the New Testament this year, read for depth and transformation.  Develop the skill-set of reading carefully to understand. Begin with prayer asking for a Christ-centered lens.  Then write!  Keep in mind that the beauty of journaling is that it can be messy. Feel free to draw or sketch your thoughts; write in bullets or sentences; reflect on 1 phrase or the whole passage.

R – READ                  Identify/write the reference and date on the journal page. Carefully read the passage.

O – OBSERVE       Write down what impacts you as you read.  What is happening? Who is involved?

A – APPLY               How does the passage apply? What is God calling you to do or change?

D – DEPEND          Realize that transformation doesn’t occur without God’s help.  Pray specifically and intentionally.

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