The CCH World Mission Team promotes a partnership between our global mission partners and CCH members, enabling both to share transforming truth and practice dynamic compassion to the glory of God.

Please contact Ann Crittenden, abcritt47@gmail.com, if you would like to learn more about any of our Mission Partners. 


Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo

CCH has a new World Mission Partner—the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo (ETSC). The Seminary began on a houseboat in 1863 when intrepid American missionaries sailed up and down the Nile River, teaching aspiring students during the daytime and going into villages at night to preach to the people there. Now, fast forward 160 years, and ETSC has 600+ students who are enrolled in 9 different degree programs, including Master of Arts in Theology, Master of Divinity, and Doctor of Ministry.  ETSC is the largest seminary in the Middle East and is deeply committed to training pastors and leaders for churches across the region. In fact, 99% of its graduates enter ministry. Several CCH members have visited the campus and have a deep respect for its faculty, staff. and students, some of whom were part of the Connecting Mission Leaders Workshop last October. The World Mission Team is thrilled to announce this new relationship! If you would like to hear more about ETSC, please contact Ann Crittenden

Our Mission Partners
Divine Care Ministries in Uganda | Peter and Phoebe Sozi

Divine Care Ministries seeks to Educate, Empower, and Equip the 1,800 children in their care. Their mission is to make disciples in communities by facilitating the improvement and the wellbeing of the hurting, orphans, suffering, vulnerable children and people. Secondly, they want to equip them to become productive and sufficient through evangelism, education, health care, life skills training, housing, and more.

Bus Stop Church in Ocho Rios, Jamaica | Marjorie Palmer

Bus Stop Church’s ministry was begun in Ocho Rios, Jamaica by CCH members Roger and Bettie Sidwell, where they fed and served the homeless for more than 30 years.  That ministry continues today, led by Alicia Virgo, who manages the Soup Kitchen and leads a Bible Study, and Marjorie Palmer, CCH’s Mission Partner.  Alicia cooks for and serves 45-50 people three days each week.  Marjorie compassionately ministers to people on the streets, leads Worship for about 45 people, and gives them a meal following each Sunday’s Service.  Through the Soup Kitchen and Bus Stop Church, God eases burdens, builds bonds, and transforms lives through His children and the power of His Spirit!

Frontier Fellowship | George and Pamela Pendergrass: frontierfellowship.com

Community’s George and Pam Pendergrass, Mission Mobilizers with Frontier Fellowship, focus on the Middle East. They are connecting with churches and individuals about partnering with them to reach the 2 Billion people on the frontier who have never heard about Jesus. They are especially interested in including people of color who have little presence in world mission. You can learn more about their mission focus in this video.

Frontiers | www.frontiersusa.org

Our Mission Partners’ Evangelistic efforts in a Muslim-majority area of North Africa are through social media and Bible Studies. They lead their Team and oversee the Leaders of another Team. Please pray the Lord opens hearts to the good news of Jesus, even in places like this where He has not been known.

Mission Discovery | www.missiondiscovery.org

Mission Discovery, founded by Community’s Maury and Ann Buchanan, celebrated its 30th Anniversary last year. Its ministry, led by President Jimmy Rivera, has taken 50,000 adults, families, and youth on short term trips to build homes for families in need, love orphans, feed the hungry, provide medical care, share Jesus, and empower churches to bring hope to their communities.

Christian Life International Bible Church in Milanda, Swaziland | Pastor Enock Mthethwa and Bulembu

Pastor Enock is the minister of an indigenous church in Swaziland, where he also teaches in a Bible School and orchestrates deliveries for the food-sharing ministry that Community provides. We are excited that Mission Discovery led a trip with 17 participants to Bulembu in late July-early August 2022.  Pastor Enock was thrilled to welcome his friends and supporters from Community Church.

St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, this ministry cares for orphans and single moms with children. Our Ministry Leader continues to oversee two homes that provide life skills and unconditional love. We stay in touch with them through secure communication vehicles for their protection.

World Christian Broadcasting | www.worldchristian.org

World Christian Broadcasting is an international shortwave radio ministry, located in Franklin. They deliver Biblical messages in seven languages every day via short wave all over the world, where there is no internet, and share the Good News of Jesus with people who have no other means of hearing. You can learn more about their creation and mission focus by watching this video.